If Downloads are set to Never, will new folders created for Encryption download?

I am on the trial and was testing out the encryption feature. My account wasn’t syncing the new folder as it was prioritizing some other stuff, so I created a new one through the website (odrive’s). The folder hasn’t appeared yet, but I figured that it might not appear at all if I have downloads set to never. Would a placeholder show instead?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @slowdriver,
Just to clarify, you are looking at the items inside odrive\Encryptor?

In general, new folders that are created remotely will show up as placeholder files (.cloudf). There is a premium feature that allows folder sync rules (via a right-click on a folder). When these are set, new folders will be automatically expanded and the files inside will be downloaded according to the settings specified when setting the rules up.

When encryption is involved, it is a little more complicated because an encrypted folder cannot be synced without the user entering the correct passphrase. So, if folder sync rules are applied to the Encryptor folder, it won’t affect new Encryptor folders because the user still needs to manually expand the first level of that folder to enter the encryption passphrase.

This can get a little confusing, so let me know if you have additional questions. The first thing I would do is make sure that the new Encrypted folder you created shows up in odrive\Encryptor


Oh ok, so it’ll show up even if my autodownload settings are set to “never download”?

New changes will always show up, regardless of the your settings. The auto download and folder sync rules just dictate how those new changes are handled, once they are picked up. At the very least, new folders will show up as placeholders (.cloudf).

The auto download setting controls which files are auto-downloaded, when they are encountered. So if you have a new file that is added remotely, odrive will pick up this new file, take a look at the auto download setting, and either create a placeholder file for it (.cloud) if the file exceeds the threshold, or download it. When set to “never download”, all new files will be brought down as placeholders.

Folder sync rules, which can be applied from a right-click->sync on a folder, and selecting “Save and apply to new files and folders”, will:

  • Override the global auto download setting for the folder and its subfolders
  • Tell odrive to automatically expand any new folders that show up (turn from a .cloudf folder placeholder to a real folder)

If folder sync rules are not used, folders will show up as .cloudf placeholders. The use rcan then double-click or right-click->sync the folder placeholder to expand and see the contents inside.

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Thank you so much, Tony. That helped clarify a lot!

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