iDrive WebDav Invalid SSL Certificate

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to link my iDrive account to odrive using webDAV, but it isn’t working. I have tried several times with the “REQUIRE VALID SSL CERTIFICATE” option enabled and disabled and always get the following error:

Invalid SSL certificate. Name Mismatch.

I’m on the free plan (5Gb) of iDrive for now. Don’t know if that’s a blocker.

Thanks in advance for any help you can give on this.



Hi @deivide.s.oliveira,
I know iDrive’s WebDAV is in beta, and has been for quite some time. They also have this disclaimer on their WebDAV page:
“Note: IDriveSync’s WebDAV compatibility is limited to single file operations, such as use within iWork to open and edit or view a document directly. It is not meant for extensive operations involving a large number of files with a single command. For extensive use, please use the provided desktop and mobile clients. WebDAV is only available for accounts with default encryption.”

It mentions default encryption is required (vs private encryption where you specify your own key).

When I tested it, myself, sometime back I couldn’t get it to work properly, although I believe it was a different error message.

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