Icons going out of whack

Basically these 3 images are examples…

Hi @christianorpinell,
I think this may be the same issue as in this thread:

Does an “F5” refresh correct the issue?

The state of my PC has changed since the time of my post, but I have not experienced the icon issues now. I have a small guess that it could have been Windows Aero theme triggering it? Just a thought as I changed that to the classic theme… I can’t think of anything else other than that.

I’ll try to report back if it happens again, so far the icons are behaving fine.

But I do have another icon related question…

Is there any way to make the check mark higher quality? Right now it looks distorted, or as if something is not right with it. Under “Tiles”, or “Medium” size icon, it seems to be fine, but when I go larger like, “Large”, or “Extra Large” it looks weird. Hopefully you guys can post that into a future fix.

Glad to hear things are working better for you! Thanks for reporting back. Aero shouldn’t be causing this issue, but its possible there is some interaction with Aero enabled that triggers it. I suppose, if you get the chance, you can re-enable Aero and see if the problem comes back.

I know this issue is random. I have seen it myself, usually on my Desktop (I have it mapped as a “sync to odrive” folder). An F5 refresh will fix it, but it is definitely an oddity and I’m surprised that Microsoft hasn’t addressed it yet.

I have created an internal ticket referencing the “fuzzy/jagged” look of the icons for follow-up in the future.