Icon is not showing

Hi, I remember that at the right side from a file or folder name, there was an icon which changes if is sync or if it not.
How can i make appear again? please


This is my finder, Diloconmonos folder is fully sync.

This is what i mean

Hi @garreton.fco,
Can you go to your Mac System Preferences->Extensions and make sure the odriveapp Finder extension is enabled (checked)? If it is, try toggling it off and on again and see if the extensions return.

Hi tony, I did but with no lucky.
I notice before that another folder in a different drive has icon.

Drive "Pike"


Drive "Sram"

Hi @garreton.fco,
The extensions are definitely enabled since you have the right-click menu options, which are part of the Finder extensions.

Because the Diloconmonos folder is inside your Documents folder, it is possible that something else is interfering with the icon overlays. I have seen this happen if iCloud is enabled on the Documents folder, for example. If you have iCloud enabled on your Documents folder, try disabling it.

It could also be an interaction with another Finder extension. You could try disabling all other extensions except odrive and seeing if that changes anything (it may require a restart of the system to take effect).

Thanks for the idea, now is working again!
I disabled beyond compare and onedrive, and the icon appeared again. Then I enabled beyond and onedrive.

Great! Thanks for the update @garreton.fco.

I have seen that there can sometimes be issues with multiple extensions loaded based on the load sequencing and it sometimes requires a little tweaking to have everything show up.