Icon gone grey - not syncing anymore

I first installed ODrive a couple of days ago. I have a heap of Google Drive content which it started sync’ing. Part way through it stopped and now sits with a grey icon.

Every few minutes it turns pink and starts it’s process, only to switch back to grey a second after.

How do I fix this?

Hi @ben4,
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so I can take a look. Also, can you tell me which paths are not syncing that you are expecting to sync?

If you add a new file in the root of your Google Drive, does it sync up?
Are you able to download files from within the Google Drive folder?

Thanks @Tony,

Diagnostics sent.

I’ve told most “Google Drive*” folders to sync - for case of example, “Google Drive\AB”. See the result below:

Yes - creating a new file in the “Google Drive” root does sync and is visible in the GDrive web portal.

Hi @ben4,
Is your goal to download everything from “Google Drive\AB” to your local machine?

Currently you can encounter situations where a large-scale bulk download, like the one you are attempting, can abort because of certain types of exceptions. In these cases you would need to kick it off again. It is possible that it will stop again, somewhere along the way. You can keep kicking it off, if this happens, but it can be frustrating to continue doing this.

This behavior will be much improved in our next major release, and odrive will be able to deal with these types of exceptions in a way that does not stop the entire operation.

In the meantime you can try using the CLI to script the download behavior and “power through” these types of exceptions for bulk-download operations. This is more advanced, so only try it if you feel up to it. There is a post here that goes into this, if you would like to give that a shot, and I tried to make it as easy as possible to do:

Thanks @Tony,

No problem with CLI/scripting here. I’ll try manually hitting the “sync” button for a bit until that gets frustrating, then hit the script.

A general word of thanks - I’m switching from the classic Google Drive client. The ODrive experiance has mostly been fantastic. It seems that it needs only a bit of UI polish, auto-retrying and better fault reporting and it’ll be perfect. Looking forward to the next release!

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Thanks @ben4. Just let me know if you have any questions.