I reinstalled odrive on my Mac and now I get one contextual task

I was cleaning up a few things and I reinstalled odrive on my two iMacs. One running 10.14.6 and the other one 10.15.3. Both used to have it running with a few hiccups but mostly okay with many multiple contextual menus as in the image:
In the past month, I just get one menu and it’s very unusable.

I am running odrive 6550. I have to restart it every so often to get it to upload in the one running 10.14.6, but on the Catalina 10.15.3 has not synced since early January.

I need help!

Hi @ludvik.herrera,
Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so I can take a closer look at the configuration?

What you are showing is strange. The “sync to odrive” option should only be seen on items that are not within any odrive sync folders. At the same time you have overlays indicating that things are synced, so there is a discrepancy there.

Do you see the correct context options on any folders, or do they all only show “sync to odrive”?

I do not see contextual options on any folders, including from the parent odrive folder. I used too. I installed odrive about two and a half years ago and didn’t have any issues, this just started happening within the past month. When it started to have issues syncing I clicked on “Refresh Subscriptions” I am not sure if this made it unsync.

I’m attaching a screen shot of my App’s menu.

I have a 2TB Google Drive, it’s an external drive, however that’s the same configuration as before when it all used to work. I sent my diagnostics.

Hi @ludvik.herrera,

  • When did you reinstall odrive on your Mac?
  • How did you go about doing this? (Did you perform a complete uninstall, install, then move the data from the backup folder to the new one, for example?)
  • I don’t see a reference to an external drive. Can you clarify what you mean by this? Are you using an external drive via a symlink?

The diagnostic show that there are lots of folders that odrive is currently tracking (about 50,000). It may be possible that odrive is still scanning through things. The Google Drive link looks exceptionally large in terms of number of objects and odrive is currently busy scanning through that structure.

The diagnostic also shows that there are a couple of recent uploads, so it looks to be uploading some things, at least

  • Did you recently restart odrive?
  • Can you leave odrive running for an hour and then send another diagnostic?

Hi Tony,

My computer at home (MacOS 10.14.6) was starting to sync okay once that I modified a couple “Not allowed” file names that had “back slashes” in their names since Google and Mac do allow you to have those names in their systems, but I corrected it. I got some contextual menus on the files and folders, and syncing renewed, Yay! I did have it as a symlink that I created through UNIX, but once it got syncing I went to the “Move odrive folder” option and selected my folder in the external harddrive, then things started syncing.


My computer at my studio (MacOS 10.15.3 10-miles away from home) is having issues with similar configuration, an iMac and an external USB drive that keeps the odrive files. I get no contextual submenus and some .cloudf files. I selected the “Move odrive folder” but not syncing quite there and no contextual menus.

Hi @ludvik.herrera,
Was the diagnostic you sent yesterday from your home computer or your work computer?

Can you restart odrive and then send a diagnostic from the work computer. Then wait an hour or two and send another diagnostic?

Having the main odrive folder on an external drive is not an officially supported configuration because it can have some quirky behavior and unexpected side-effects due to the nature of external volumes (slower, can disappear, may not support filesystem events, etc.). The same is true for symlinks. Even so, I would like to try to find out why you are seeing what you are seeing here.

There are a couple of things that might be contributing to keep in mind:

  • The external drive may be going into a standby mode after being idle for a while (there is a setting under System Preferences->Energy Saver to “Put hard disks to sleep when possible” that could be causing some issues if it is set).
  • The external drive may be taking longer to “come online” and is not fully available when odrive starts, so you would need to restart odrive to properly utilize the drive.

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