I need help, sync not working as expected

hi, here is the problem

I create a sync task like normal using Amazon account,
I make sure this folder and that folder is sync nicely. Ok, perfect

so that folder A and folder B is now sync (total sync is 5GB of photo)

and then, something happens, my account is disconnected from odrive, I try to reinstall back

but the odrive folder was in the different place and was not sync with folder A and B
when I click syn, the odrive folder just downloads 5GB of photo from the cloud again…

now I had 10GB of duplicate thing on my PC

that’s mean, folder A and folder B now have their clone folder A and folder B in odrive folder
this is frustrating, my hdd almost full

I need your kind of help to sort this problem :confused:

Hi @mykakwan,
Can you provide a screenshot of the two folders that contain your 5GB of Amazon data? I don’t quite understand the setup and this will help.

Can you also send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu?