I downloaded and installed the desktop app, but can't find my desktop folder

I downloaded and installed the desktop app, but can’t find my desktop folder. I thought there would just be a folder that I can save files to, but there is nothing like that…

Hi @ckj.jensen,
If you go to the odrive tray menu there is an option for “Open odrive folder”. Do you see that option and if you click on it, does the odrive folder pop-up?

On Windows:

On Mac:

In general, the odrive folder will be created inside your user home folder, by default. For example:
Windows: C:\Users\[your user name here]\odrive
Mac: /Users/[your user name here]/odrive

Hi @ckj.jensen,
Support sent along the screenshot from the support e-mail you sent earlier. I can see that there is an odrive backup folder that was created today. This will be created if you uninstall odrive, or you deauthorize your user (from the odrive tray menu -> Authorized User -> Deauthorize).

Do you still have odrive running? If so, what do you currently see displayed in the odrive tray menu?

I see the odrive infinity symbol, but it is white, and when I right click nothing happens. I don’t get that menu. I am in windows by the way.

Yes, I accidentally deleted it (thought it was a different app), and I am now trying to re-install…

Hi @ckj.jensen,
A full uninstall and reinstall should fix the issue (or a repair install). Just let me know if that does work.

Uninstall + Reinstall + Reboot did the trick. Thanks!

Great! Thanks for confirming @ckj.jensen.