I don't understand this error message


Could you explain what this scary error message means and what it would do if I exercise the option?

Hi @brendhangivens ,
This means that you have a file in the folder you are trying to unsync that has not yet uploaded. If you force the unsync “Delete files and unsync”. The file will be deleted locally.

Do you see that file listed in the “not allowed” section of the odrive tray menu? If so, what does the message say when you click on it?

I am getting the following error, which may be related. How do resolve this problem?


Hi @brendhangivens ,
Do you see any items in “not allowed” or “waiting” in the odrive tray menu?

You can also take a look at the “sync activity log”, which should show all of the odrive activities, including failed sync attempts, along with the reason they failed.

If you also send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu, I can take a closer look.

Activity log removed from view.

Nothing is syncing. Not allowed includes one file: B2. I don’t want that synced anyway.

There is no ‘waiting’ list.

Hi @brendhangivens ,
We found a bug today in the waiting notification that could cause it to show that message even if everything has resolved. If you see that message and don’t see anything in waiting then you can ignore it. A restart of odrive should address that, for now.

Are you seeing any actual issues, or are you just concerned about the message?

I’ve received at least 20 notifications in the past few days. I restarted and hopefully that will resolve it.

Hi @brendhangivens ,
The new version has been released:


I am also facing the same error. But I don’t know how to get rid off from this problem. So if anyone can help me it can be very helpful.
Also heard “Add Geofences: Failure, error code 1000 GeofenceRequestIds=[1,2,1,2]”
to eradicate this error. So pls help me.