I can't stop folder from syncing (stops for 30s and auto-resumes)

Hi there! I have the following problem:

  • On my computer I’ve added to the Google Drive odrive folder a massive folder containing videos, around 600GB. It’s been syncing for the last couple days, which is fine but there are times that I’d like to stop this particular folder from syncking because I either need upload for other stuff or need to sync other files more urgently.

  • The problem is that it is impossible to stop that video folder from syncing. Right click menu , I click “Stop” and it stops for around 30 seconds and then it resumes again. It’s so annoying.

My question is: how do I stop this folder from syncing? Is this even possible (odrive for Windows) and if so - how do I stop folder sync as the right click menu, “Stop” option clearly is not working.

Please help. I’d massively appreciate any help with this issue!


The context menu stop (right-click->stop). Is to allow you to stop user-initiated commands on a particular path. This really translates to syncing items down. For syncing items up, you will need to issue a global stop/pause from the odrive tray menu.

The reason for this is that getting your data up is one of our highest priorities. It is not something that should be stopped, if it can be helped, and selectively stopping it would introduce quite a few complexities. If you were to selectively stop folders from syncing up it will become a nightmare to remember and manage, since uploading is a background operation and not directly initiated by the user.

The behavior you are seeing is that a stop is stopping the currently running operations. On a user-initiated action that would be the end of it until you decide to issue that action again. On background or automated operations, odrive will continue doing its thing, globally, and it will pick up those changes and start the operation over again. This is why you need to initiate a global stop if you want to stop uploads.

@Tony thank you for the detailed explanation. It’s more than I expected! So essentially to wrap it up and make sure that I get it right - selective upload is not an odrive feature and it’s simply not possible to manually stop an upload of a specific file or folder and resume later?

In general I have some more questions - there is quite a few things that I can’t understand the logic of how they work or how am I supposed to use these. Not sure where is the best way to post these but these include:

  1. Sometimes in the right click menu there is “unsync” and “sync” option but sometimes not. For some subfolders that are supposed to be synced (that’s what check icon indicates) there are those two options missing. And by checking and comparing with Google Drive web interface I also know that these folders are not in sync so the status sown is not correct.

  2. I have no idea what the “Refresh” option in the right click menu does?

  3. There is “Unsync” plugin available but I have no idea what it does. I am able to unsync stuff without having the add-on enabled. Not that I’m complaining but I don’t understand why - does the add-on offer even more advanced unsyncing?

I think that odrive is really missing a propoer documentation - I mean something like a user manual. With every interface element properly described. That would be a massive help.

Tony, once again thanks for your help. Really appreciate!

The folder badging can be a little misleading at times. We are looking at ways to tighten this up. odrive will eventually sync everything, but there are intermediate states that can cause the folder badging to be off, for a time.

  1. The option in the menu may change, depending on what is happening in odrive at that time. For example, unsync will not show up if there are items actively syncing. You will need to stop sync on that path or wait for the active items to finish first to get those options.
  1. Refresh will force odrive to take a look at the remote content immediately, instead of waiting for it to get it on its timed interval. It is mostly used if you are looking for a recent change that was made remotely and you don’t see it yet on your local system.

  2. Unsync recently became paid, but if you were using odrive previously, you were grandfathered in to having unsync for free.