I can't empty the list of waiting files - HELP!

Odrive keeps putting files back on the sync list that I have deleted 2 days ago from Amazon Clouddrive. I have to manually stop syncing, but then it puts them on the waiting list. Since they are very large files (>3 GB), it would take days to upload them with my low bandwith, so waiting for them to finish is not an option. But I can’t use odrive otherwise as long as it keeps trying to upload them. I have tried unysncing the whole clouddrive folder, emptying the odrive trash, restarting odrive - nothing has worked so far.

Dealing with this crap has now cost me 2 useless days of my premium trial and I’m very close to uninstalling odrive completely. I am not amused! This behaviour will certainly not qualify odrive for paid premium use.



Hi Will,
I may be misunderstanding, but if you don’t want to upload these files, can you just move them out of odrive? Another option that might work would be to rename the files with a blacklisted prefix, like the “~” character (add ~ to the front of the files.

Hi, Tony.

The files are not even in any of the odrive folders anymore. That’s why I don’t understand why odrive keeps trying to upload them. They keep showing up in the sync/waiting list.

See attached screenshot: (

Is there no possible way to edit the queue of waiting files?

BTW; The “Visit topic” link in the notification mails don’t work.

It looks like you have a “sync to odrive” folder defined (Metro Bundle folder). You may need to go to that folder and “Remove Sync”. I am guessing that is where the files are. You will also need to “Start Sync” again in the odrive tray menu.

Thanks for the heads-up on the e-mails. We had to recently switch e-mail accounts, so the links appear to be broken in any e-mails sent before yesterday afternoon, as a side-effect of that. Any new e-mails should work just fine.

Thanks, Tony. That solved the problem. Must have happened during the first steps of testing.

But IMHO it also unveiled a shortcoming in odrive’s management UI. There should be an option to view a list of all folders for which “sync to odrive” was activated. I have 4 x 4TB Hardrives with literally hundreds of folders and subfolders, mainly containing creative media like photos, cliparts, soundclips, fonts, etc. It would be impossible to keep track of all folders set to syncing without an efficient management console.

Or is that feature already there and I just didn’t find it?



Hi Will,
It’s actually already there. Every “sync to odrive” folder is listed in the tray menu. That’s where I saw it :slight_smile:
You can see it right under “Move odrive folder”.

I don’t think that is a good place in the UI. Imagine more than 20 folders placed there - what a mess!