Hundreds of `.DS_Store` files in my "Waiting" queue

odrive shows hundreds, sometimes thousands, of .DS_Store items in my Waiting submenu.
I thought that filename was on the default ignore list?
How do I make it ignore them?

Hi @Zero_G,
.DS_Store files should be ignored. Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu so I can take a closer look?

Sent, thanks!

Hi @Zero_G,
Unfortunately the diagnostic didn’t come through, can you try sending it again?

Also, do you find that these files eventually resolve-out (are removed from the waiting list), or do they stay there?

At this again … after an hour or so I still have hundreds of .DS_Store items in my queue … sending diag again, thanks!

Hi @Zero_G,
I have found that .DS_Store files will eventually resolved out and leave the queue. Are you still seeing them listed? If so, are they they always the same ones?