Huge strange upload usage

This morning I’ve noticed huge upload usage (about 660 MB) despite having only few MBs of new files added/changed in my odrve folder.
Running version 7071 on Win 10 Pro, 64 bit
Why is this happening?!

I checked the log file but couldn’t figure out anything from it.

Upgraded to Version 7085

Hi @mr108,
Did you send a diagnostic? I can take a look.

@Tony Thanks for response.
I did it just now

Hi @mr108,
Thanks for sending the diagnostic. I focused mostly on the activity on the 11th.

From the logs it looks like the internet may have been struggling a lot and odrive had to retry uploading/updating some of the same files over and over again until they finally succeeded.

If you look for “INFO A Google Drive upload fault was detected. Attempting to retry.” you can see that this was happening quite a bit.

Some stats:

  • There were a total of 23 successful uploads or updates on Jan 11 over 4 files that were updated at various times throughout the day. Total size for all uploads/updates was about 40MB
  • There were around 300 failed upload attempts on Jan 11.

I think the failed upload attempts is what accounts for the bulk of the upload traffic you were seeing.

300 failed upload attempts on Jan 11, each with a small file of 2.7MB may add up to close to 700 MB
Is there any way to prevent such things happening?

Hi @mr108,
The best bet would be a more stable internet connection, but that is probably not in the cards. :wink:

If you are having an exceptionally bad internet day you can “stop automatic sync” and wait until things stabilize. You can find this setting at the top of the odrive tray menu under “Ready to sync new changes”. This will also prevent you from uploading incremental versions of files as you are actively editing and saving them.

You could also use the above method to more closely monitor how uploads are progressing. Basically disable automatic sync until you are done editing files and are ready to upload. Then enable and monitor the sync activity log to see if any errors are being seen.

Yes, my internet connection at times is lousy (mountain region in India). I was almost contemplating to uninstall odrive since my bandwidth usage is very limited…
Thanks for the tip how to handle it! I’ll keep using odrive.

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Do you see that in the log file?
I can’t find that number

OK, I see, you counted the number of lines in the log file with that phrase.

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