How would Odrive handle single cloud storage acc. with multiple odrive users

How would Odrive, for lets say business use, where each user has an individual Odrive account and they all link a single cloud storage account to sync the same set of files (with full active use by all users)?
Is this a designed/typical use case?
Would conflicts etc work as with any other set up, or could this lead to complications?

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Hi @Kooo,
The experience will depend on the storage used and the amount of concurrent activity on the files.

  1. Storage used: If you are using consumer storage you may need to consult the terms of use to determine how sharing accounts is viewed. Aside from that, you are more likely to run into API rate limits, where the service provider restricts the number of API calls a user can make. Because you are using the same user account with multiple people, every user will look like that single user to the service provider.

Using utility storage, like Amazon S3 or Google Cloud, will not run into rate limits and are fine for this type of a setup.

  1. odrive will try to keep everything in sync without losing any data. When multiple people are actively working on the same files you are likely to hit conflict situations, where one user has made an edit to a file, but not yet synced it, and another user has edited the same file and synced it already. You now have what is called a “conflict”. odrive will handle this by appending “(conflict)” to the name, so that no data is lost.
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