How to sync back to a formatted drive?

Hi !
I"m about to format one of my drive and I wanted to know what was the most efficient way to redownload everything afterwards. So, all the content of my drive is in sync. I was gonna unsync everything, but then I’m gonna format my drive - I will obviously stop odrive for that part - but how am I gonna resync my files back after, since the placeholders won’t be there anymore. I know, I can go online and just download everything from the web, but I was wondering if there were a more straightforward and elegant way of doing that with odrive.



Good question!
It seems that Odrive doesn’t have this feature yet, but I hope that they have a solution for this.
Or will be added later.

Hi @AlexLush,
If you are formatting your drive that the default odrive folder is residing on, then you should uninstall odrive and then reinstall. That should provide the most straight-forward way to start clean after the format.

If you are using a “sync to odrive” folder on the drive to be formatted, but have the default odrive folder elsewhere, then you should remove sync on the folder(s) using “sync to odrive” (right-click->remove sync). Once you have formatted, create an empty folder again on the clean drive and use “sync to odrive” on that folder, pointing it to the appropriate remote location. The placeholders will be repopulated and you can sync things down again.

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(sorry for my little english)

Tony. Let’s say for example.

  • I will create a new folder called Footage outside of odrive folder (located in other disk than odrive folder). I want in the Footage folder to sync all files that I have in other folder called PSD from online google drive.
  • So how it is possible to sync PSD folder from online google drive into folder Footage which it’s outside of odrive folder?

Hi @videoandesign,
You would create the “Footage” folder, then right-click->“sync to odrive” on it. When the web interface pops-up for selecting your remote location for the “Footage” folder, you would navigate to the “PSD” folder and select it for sync.

oh, I understand how it should to work, :slight_smile:
It was so easy…
Just on step more,
So, When I click to sync Footage in PSD folder, I should to move all files from PSD to Footage, so in my folder Footage which has other location then odrive main folder will be synced all files.
I just now figured out how to deal with that.

Hi @videoandesign,
You actually shouldn’t have to move anything around. Once you connect your local folder to the remote folder, the items inside the remote folder will show up in the local folder. It becomes a direct link between the two.

I think my explain is poor, because of the lack of english, but I will try all of my best. So:

  • Folder A it is not in odrive main folder, it is in another partition of disk.
  • Folder B it is in google drive online.
  • I want all files that are in B folder to be synchronized in A folder.
  • I do this steps: Right click on folder A, “sync to odrive” on it, web interface pop-up for selecting my remote location - folder B.

Now we have just folder A in B online. So In this way files from folder B are not downloading in folder A.

But, after I linked folder A in remote location folder B,
I should to move files from folder B, to folder A. Folder A its already in folder B because I linked that in folder B.
Only in this way I can have files from B to A.

Hi @videoandesign,
I see what you mean now. When using “sync to odrive” the folder names need to be the same, so, when you pick “Folder B” as the destination, it creates “Folder A” inside of it.

If you were to name your local folder “Folder B” also, then it will be a direct relationship. So the most direct way to do this is:

  1. Create a new folder “Folder B” on another partition/disk
  2. “Folder B” is also in Google Drive
  3. Right-click->“sync to odrive” “Folder B” on your computer and point it to “Folder B” on Google Drive
  4. Right-click->“sync” Folder B and choose the options to download everything.

Sorry for the confusion there.

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Amazing, You are superstar!
Thank you very much!
I have now bigger pleasure to work with odrive! :slight_smile:

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