How to sync after unsync?

I’m on a Mac and set a few folders to unsync. I cannot find a way to set those folders back to sync. Where is the option?


Hi @dave5,
Double-clicking on a placeholder file (.cloud/.cloudf) will sync it. You can also right-click on the placeholder and select “sync”.

Hi @Tony,
They are folders, not files and there are no .cloud/.cloudf files. Any other ideas?

Hi @davebenton,
Can you take a screenshot of what you are seeing and post here, so I can make sure I am on the same page?

An unsync will turn a “real” file into a “placeholder” file, which can then be synced again at any time. It sounds like you are seeing something different than that though.

If you right-click on the folder in question, do you see the odrive options? In those options is a “sync” option that will allow you to download the items inside an odrive folder.