How to start as service on Win 10?



How do you make odrive launch automatically at boot without having to first login? I’m using it on an unattended machine so it needs to be fully-standalone and survive power outages without intervention.




Hi Steve,
We don’t have an official way to run as a service, although it may be possible using some utilities for that purpose. What about having your user login automatically on start-up, instead?


While not ideal – it might work.

What’s the path to the odrive executable and does it require an parameters?

I’ve been researching and found this approach and was wondering if you’ve heard of anyone having troubles with it?




Hi @sb1,
I haven’t worked with anyone who has set up odrive as a service, but it should work, in theory, as long as the service is set up to run as your user. It looks like NSSM supports the options needed: