How to sort pictures by date taken in folder?

I am trying to share a folder with many pictures. However, when sharing, they all appear to be sorted randomly, and not in the date taken order. How can I set this?

Hi @donatas.kasparaviciu,
Currently you can’t sort the items in the web client, but it is something we are planning on adding to our new web client, that is in the works.

Apologies for the inconvenience.

I see :frowning: (Will have to use Dropbox for sharing then…)

What are the rules for current sorting then? They seem to be random? (Amazon Drive here)

Hi @donatas.kasparaviciu,
Currently the listing is based on the way it is sent to us from the provider.

We currently have four (paid) O Drive accounts that we are using at our four locations to sync pictures we take with iPads and upload to Amazon Drive. Amazon’s desktop sync was simply not working for us and O Drive seems to work wonderfully. We’re wondering if there’s any way to sort pictures by name and/or date modified on your web interface. I see a few topics in the forums but they all seem to point to the “this is a feature we’re working on for a future release” and none are within the last year. I poked around a bit on the “new” O Drive but don’t see a way to sort (when viewing thumbnails).
Please advise.
Much thanks.

Hi @bcc,
Unfortunately this is still outstanding, but I agree that it would be very nice to have. There are a lot of things on the list, but I have pinged the product team on this to raise the awareness a bit.

When you are looking at the synced pictures, it this on your desktop, or are you doing that on your mobile device?

As an immediate option for your viewing use case, could you continue using the odrive client for sync, but use the Amazon web client to browse the synced photos from ?