How to save and load files using odrive encryption?

I am trying to figure out how to use odrive. I have created a Word file. To save it I clicked on odrive and then on dropbox. I created a folder in dropbox and then saved the windows folder to it. It saved but is not encrypted.
How do I make sure everything I save from my apps though odrive is encrypted?
I have looked for instuctions and videos on how to use odrive but I can’t find anything that shows how to save and load files from apps through odrive.

Hi @david.allsebrook,
odrive doesn’t use encryption by default. In order to use encryption you will need to create an Encryptor folder and then store your files there. odrive will automatically encrypt and decrypt them using your passphrase.

For more information about Encryptor, please take a look at the feature page here:

For how to setup and access encrypted folders, take a look at the usage guide section, here:

Thanks for your message.
I have already looked at the instructions but cannot follow them. They say to log in and then click the encryption command “Create encryption folder” . I cannot find this command anywhere. It is shown on the illustrated page in the instructions at but not on my page when I log in.
Is it possible this only works during the trial period or for premium subscribers?

Hi @david.allsebrook,
Ahh. Yes, encryption is only available in the Premium subscription (or during the trial).

We do offer a no-questions-asked, instant, full refund if you sign-up for Premium and then cancel within 30 days. You could take advantage of that to check out the encryption feature if your trial has already expired.

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Thanks. It would be really helpful to others if the instructions said encryption this can only be done during the trial or premium subscription. Otherwise like me they will waste a lot of time and instead of gaining a customer you will be discouraging one. Also leave the button on the screen and link it to a prompt explaining the situation.
Your interface is not user friendly - it says what can be done but neither shows nor explains how to do it.

Noted @david.allsebrook. Thanks for your feedback. I have added this info to the usage guide