How to restore keychain properly

Dear ODrive,

Some introduction… I need to empty my keychain in the next coming months for some debugging of an application that is not running. I made a backup of my keychain, but when I restored the backup, ODrive required me to login again, and renamed my odrive-home-folder. That’s why I find myself now in resyncing all my files.

My Question: how can I restore my keychain such that ODrive recognizes the current ODrive-folder? (and not create a new one)


ps. Fortunately, the keys that ODrive uses to encrypt/decrypt are preserved after the restore of the keychain

Hi @tulipit,
I haven’t tested a keychain restore, but the relevant entries are the odrive-desktop-id and odrive-db entries. I would expect that restoring those would allow odrive to access the current dbs, but it sounds like that was not the case in your testing.

Do you see those older entries in your current keychain, after restore?

Even if you end up having to login and reinitialize, for any non-Encryptor content, you can take the contents of the backup and move that back into the new odrive folder, so you don’t have to download everything again. If you have mostly encrypted content then this will not be very helpful, however.