How to replace .cloud/.cloudf placeholder with real files

i use your odrive free edition but i would like to replace all .cloud or .cloudf placeholder in my pc, with real files… i try to do that by syncing a folder at a time. But folder are a lot and files in folders are a lot.
Thare is any way to do that, faster ?

Hi @mauro.ruffino2,
You can perform a recursive sync on a folder to sync down everything in that folder. Please take a look at this section of our documentation:

I did it, tony
But sometime don’t work completely and any files dot. Cloud ramains

Hi @mauro.ruffino2,
You may have to do it a few times. If there are enough errors, the bulk download will stop and will need to be restarted.

If you retry the recursive sync will it download more files?
Are you seeing any errors?