How to remove Odrive from MacOS?

Hi, I’ve tried Odrive, decided not for me, however I am struggling to remove it from my system.

The problem is the Odrive icons are persisting in the tool bar customisation menu, and the main finder contextual menu, see attached.

I’ve deleted the files and directories mentioned here.

I’ve also tried using tools like AppZapper, but this has not helped.

Can anyone advise what traces of Odrive are like to exist and how to deal with them.



Hi @joe2,
These items are part of the Finder extension, which can stay resident in memory until Finder is restarted.

Did you see the post here about uninstallation?

It sounds like you probably got all of the locations on the filesystem, but you may want to double-check. The Finder extension is physically located in the ~/.odrive folder.

After ensuring the files are removed, you will want to relaunch Finder, which you can do by holding down the “option” key, right-clicking on the Finder icon in the dock, and selecting “Relaunch”.

Hi Tony, thanks for that - actually I hadn’t seen the uninstall guide, running that terminal command did the trick.


No problem @joe2!
I also sent you a direct message inquiring about your feedback, if you can find the time to take a look.