How to remove multiple backup jobs with odrive cli client

I am using odrive on archlinux via the agent & cli client.

I have a folder that I have configured to backup to two locations. How to I remove one of them with the odrive cli client please?

When I enter this:
odrive removebackup localPath remotePath
I get
odrive: error: unrecognized arguments:
and when I enter this:
odrive removebackup localPath
I get
There are multiple backup jobs defined for this path. Navigate to ‘Backup to odrive’ in the odrive tray menu to remove the desired backup job(s).


Hi @dan.sladden,
Thanks for pointing this out. This is currently a gap in the CLI. I will see if we can get a fix in quickly to address it.

Hey @dan.sladden,
Here are updated builds that address this:

The removebackup command now takes an ID. The status --backups will list more information about the defined backups, including the ID.


ubuntu@mcp:~/tmp$ ~/.odrive-agent/bin/odrive status --backups

ID: 3a5ad679-b870-4259-af35-aae1466f7bcd
Local Path: /home/ubuntu/tmp
Remote Path: /Google Drive/Temp/Backup/tmp
Status: Active

ID: e210c701-734d-49ed-b37f-3bca7d61be64
Local Path: /home/ubuntu/tmp
Remote Path: /Google Drive/Backup/tmp
Status: Active

~/.odrive-agent/bin/odrive removebackup 3a5ad679-b870-4259-af35-aae1466f7bcd
The backup job for /home/ubuntu/tmp was successfully removed.