How to remove a missing external folder from the task bar menu?

I syned an external folder (“Foo Folder”), such that it now shows open in “Open” (between “Open odrive folder” and “Manage storage”).

Because I’m a moron, Foo Folder is now nowhere to be found and the odrive menu shows “Open Foo Folder folder [missing]” instead?

How do I definitively remove this missing external folder so that it no longer shows up in the Open menu? I can’t seem to find the UI for this anywhere.

Hi @rsmyers,

Please follow the steps below to remove external folder entry from odrive tray menu:

  1. Open odrive tray menu (from task bar)
  2. Click on “Open Foo folder [Missing]”, it will open a dialog with options to “Cancel”, “Remove Sync”, and “Find missing Folder” along with path of your foo folder previously used with odrive.
  3. If you know the new location of your external folder, I would recommend you to use “Find missing folder” and locate your folder. Otherwise skip this step and move on to #4 below
  4. Click on “Remove Sync” will de-list / remove / un-mount external folder entry from odrive tray menu.

Let us know if you have any other questions