How to recover from loss of local oDrive folder content?

Hi, I am using oDrive to sync roughly 150GB of data from OneDrive to my Linux server for backup purposes. Worked for a couple of month without a problem. Unfortunately I accidentally deleted some of the local data over the weekend. From a data point of view this wasn’t a problem as have backup on a separate drive which I copied back into the oDrive folder. Unfortunately the copy didn’t preserve the time stamp on the files which I believe is the reason why oDrive now tries to upload all this data to the cloud again which is going to take ages with my 2MB up-link.

What’s my best option to correct this situation?

  1. Can someone please confirm this is because of the changed time stamp and the local data now perceived to be newer than what’s in the cloud?
    The current backup (and original time stamp) has since been overwritten but I have another disc with original time stamps which I could use to copy things back into the oDrive folder, this time with the -preserve flag set. :-/
    But before I start replacing hard drives I’d like to confirm the issue is really time stamps and my approach should fix this.

  2. Failing option 1, what’s the best way to delete all local data and have the system download everything (100MBit down-link instead of 2MB up-link) from OneDrive again?
    Stop oDrive, empty the oDrive folder, restart oDrive?
    I am a little nervous that getting this wrong may cause oDrive to sync a blanc local drive to the cloud with the effect that I lose both ends.

By the way, is there a way to see which files oDrive has queued up for synchronization?
“oDrive status” shows me the number of files waiting but not which files and if these are waiting for up or download


Hi @thomas_zell,

  1. This is correct. If odrive seems that the timestamp has changed on a file is assumes it has been updated in some way and will consider the file and update to be uploaded.

  2. Normally you could just use unsync for this using the unsync command on the folder then re-sync it. If you do not have a Premium subscription then you can unlink the OneDrive account, re-link it, then download everything.

There are a number of sub-commands you can use to see specific queues.

status --uploads
status --downloads
status --waiting
status --trash
status --not_allowed
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