How to open a file directly in Amazon Cloud Drive?

Hi … I’m using the trial version to test the odrive and see if this give me what I want.

So… I setup everything, and I save my file test.txt inside the amazon folder.
Then I unsync. So now the file is in the cloud only right (in my case amazon cloud drive)?

Ok… it is possible open the file test.txt directly from the cloud server?
I want open the copy from my cloud not download to my computer and open it.

Hi there.

You’re correct about unsync making the file into a placeholder so that you know it’s available to grab from the cloud.

From here, you have the following options:

  1. You can use the Amazon Cloud Drive web application to look at the file. For certain file types, including .txt or .pdf files and media, their webapp provides a web viewer so you can directly look at the file without downloading it to your Downloads folder and then double-clicking to open it, etc.
  2. Similarly, you can use the odrive web application to look at image files with our own web viewer. (We only support image file types currently).
  3. If you want to use our desktop sync app, you can’t open the file from Finder/Explorer without downloading it. This is true for any file in your file system. The full file contents must be present in order to open it (unless you’re talking about video file streaming or something like that, which I assume you aren’t because your example is a text file). Afterwards, when you are finished with the file, you can unsync it again. With your premium trial, you can also try out the autounsync feature as well, if you want odrive to help you keep disk space trimmed down automatically.

Let me know if that answers your question.