How to move a folder to different hard drive while keeping a different folder on a different hard drive

I use odrive to keep 2 computers synced. I have 2 folders i use. On the original computer that I add content to I have one folder on one external hard drive (Called Tv shows) and another folder on a different external hard drive (Called Movies). But the second computer, I have it set up to automatically download the new content for both folders to the one external hard drive. My question is can and how do i move one of the folders to a different external drive on the 2nd computer so it is the same setup as the original computer.

Hi @wpcrumbley,
If I understand correctly, it seems like you could use “sync to odrive” on a new folder on the second external drive and map that to the remote folder you are wanting to sync.

thanks. But now i think i messed something up. Before i read your response i did something, but now i have two odrive folders, one inside my movies folder. any suggestions on how to get it off.

Hi @wpcrumbley,
Before we dig in here, I just wanted to note that we do not officially support moving the entire odrive folder to an external volume (external drive, networked drive, etc). It can cause some inefficiencies and possibly unpredictable behavior for sync reflection.

When you move the odrive folder, it will leave the old folder where it was and start a new, fresh, unsynced odrive folder in the location you specified. What it looks like above is that you moved the odrive folder inside the old odrive folder on your NAS.

I would recommend moving the odrive folder back to the default location, in your user home folder. Then, you can use “sync to odrive” to choose the external folders you want to sync and to where.

Does that make sense?