How to move a folder between multiple OneDrive accounts?

First of all, I love your product.

I need help to move a large folder with many sub-folders from OneDrive account1 to OneDrive account2. I try to do it from the desktop using file explorer but it didn’t work.

To move data from one account into another account you will need to sync it all down locally, then copy it over. It is not possible to move data from one account to another without the local intermediary.

Hi Tony,
I tried using the tray menu “Move folder…”. Unfortunately, it rejected (not allowed) about 10 file names. So, I de-authorize it, and end up using a multi-steps workaround.
1-use file explorer to copy folders from aact1 to acct2
2-sign back in to odrive client
3-wait for the sync to complete
4-sign in to and delete the folder from acct1

It seems to work but i end up with this(see image) on my tray menu.

Hi Richard,
The method you are using is not ideal and is going to make things fairly complex to manage.

A better method of doing this is to link both accounts to the same odrive account, so you have both OneDrive accounts listed in the odrive folder. Then you would sync one down completely and move/copy it into the other account. If it was a move then you would just need to empty the odrive trash to commit those deletes to the first account.

It sounds like you may have gotten it worked out. The (1) is a naming conflict resolution measure and it is probably due to the attempted moves and deuth reauths. Other than looking a little odd it should not be a problem.

I completely in agreement only if it works flawlessly but why the “move folder” process rejected some filenames. Those filenames did not have the special characters or end with a period. The error message is too generic. Is there a way for me to pinpoint the problem so i can rename the filename?

Thank you for time.

Can you take a screenshot of the folder where your odrive folder currently resides? I want to see what odrive folders are in there. The default location is in your user profile directory.

I figured out my issue with the file name rejection. I think they were too long because OneDrive did the same thing. Their error is more explicit.
I removed the odrive folder & re-sync. Everything is fine now.
Thank you very much for your support.

Glad to hear all is good now!

Rather than doing all this downloading and uploading, check out the Mover service.
The OneDrive connectors are free to use, allowing you to move any amount of data between OneDrive accounts (and other providers too, like