How to merge folders?

I recently lost some data on one of my computer harddrives. ODrive has the option to recover these files from the trash but I have to do it one sub folder or file at a time.

Is there a way to quickly recover all files from the trash or just merge everything from the cloud back to my computer?

Hi @filter24,
A few questions:

  1. Are all of these files in a single folder or scattered throughout? If they are all in a single folder you can right-click->unsync that folder which will discard (not delete) the items in the odrive trash that were in that folder and create the folder placeholder. Doubel-clicking on the placeholder to expand will then show all of the items in the cloud.

  2. Are the files in a “sync to odrive” folder?

To start from scratch on your local client, you can always deauthorize and then login again, this backs-up your current odrive folder and creates a new one. You can then sync down whatever you need.

It’s a couple of folders with 1000’s of video files. The folders actually span mulitple hard drives (they’re not striped across the drives).

Can I just unsync the folder and then resync it? Will Odrive just merge all the extra files which are in the clouds?

Yes, the files are in a sync to odrive folder.

Hi @filter24,
I am not clear on the multiple hard drive part. You cannot swap out the drives with each other against the same “sync to odrive” folder, if that is what you mean. Since it is sync, when you swapped out a drive odrive would see that the files it expects to exist on the drive will no longer be there and assume that the files were deleted.

You could create separate “sync to odrive” folders, for each drive, but you would need the data to be partitioned, accordingly, in the cloud.

I may still not be getting a full picture of what you want to do, so maybe you can give me an example of what a folder in the cloud looks like and how it translates to your external drives.

I’m using Flexraid, it pools multiple drives together. I have my Videos folder which spans a few drives. The data is not striped so only some of the files in the Videos folder are missing.

I’d like to download the missing files.

Hi @filter24,
If odrive can view that local folder as a single folder, even though it spans multiple drives, then it should be possible to use “sync to odrive” with it.

My suggestion would be to try using “sync to odrive” on a test folder that mimics the setup, to make sure the behavior is what you expect. The results of this would also allow me to better understand the scenario, if the results are not what is expected.