How to make odrive symbol show again?

I missing the syncing symbol. How do I make it normal ?

Hi @lichang.liu,
Do you still have the right-click menu options when you right-click on a file?

Did you ever have the icon overlays on this system, or has it always been this way?

  1. Yes, I have the right-click menu.
  2. No. Sometimes the icon will disappear until I reboot.

Hi @lichang.liu,

It sounds like the icon overlays will work after a reboot and then stop working at some point after that?
If so, this is definitely unusual. I have seen this happen sometimes if there is another application that also generates icon overlays, like Dropbox or iCloud. Do you have either of those running?

Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu?

Oh, yes, yes, I also use iCloud service and runs with odrive at same time.

The diagnostic will be sent after this post.

Hi @lichang.liu,
The diagnostic didn’t seem to come in. Can you try it again?

Also, when you see this happen, try toggling the odrive Finder extension in the MacOS System Preferences -> Extensions to see if it resets the overlays. If that doesn’t work, try restarting Finder by:

  • Holding the ⌥ (alt/option)
  • Right-clicking on the Finder icon in the Dock
  • Selecting “Relaunch”

Hi @Tony

I send diagnostic again.

Thanks for your providing solution but I tried it before, it dose not work for me ><

Hi @lichang.liu,
I don’t see anything obvious from the diagnostic.

How long do the icon overlays tend to work before they stop?
Do they stop for all paths in odrive, or only for specific ones?

What is strange is that the same extension that gives the right-click options gives the icon overlays. Since you still have the right-click options, the extension is loaded and working in some capacity.

If you open the console (type “console” in spotlight search) and then use “odrive” as the filter we can see if anything unusual is happening when the extensions are loaded. Once you have the console up, try toggling the extension and restarting Finder, as stated in my above post and then take a screenshot of what you see in the console.

Hi @Tony

I already reboot my Mac yesterday cause I have to, so maybe I sent the diagnostic again when it malfunction next time.

I don’t really know how long the icon overlays work, and they stop for all paths in odrive.

Thanks @lichang.liu,
The next time you see it occur let me know what you see in the console.

Before that, can you try the instructions above and send me what you see in the console?

Hi @Tony

Ok, I will let you know on next time. Here is the screenshot of the console filter by “odrive”

Thanks @lichang.liu,
We’ll have to wait until it happens again and then see what we can find.