How to know when there is an update for linux files

I am currently on version: prod 946

Hi @iptvcld,
We will generally announce when a new version of the agents is available.

We have been quite delayed in releasing a newer version, but one is going through QA right now and should be available soon.

Hi @iptvcld,
We released a new version of the agent and CLI client this week. Desktop and Web Releases (05-14-2020) Win v.6584 / Mac v.6677

Thanks for the FYI, did the Linux CLI agent update as well?

I use this.

od="$HOME/.odrive-agent/bin" && curl -L β€œ” --create-dirs -o β€œ$od/” && curl -L β€œ” | tar -xvzf- -C β€œ$od/” && curl -L β€œ” | tar -xvzf- -C β€œ$od/”

Hi @iptvcld,
Yes all of the agents (Linux, Mac, Windows, RPi) and CLI binaries were updated.

Great!! Is there an exact change long for the agent?

Hi @iptvcld,
Here are some additional release notes. We don’t have specifics on the internal bug fixes and performance improvements, but there have been quite a few during the last few months of development.

What would be the best way to run the update?

Hi @iptvcld,
You can either run the same install command listed from our documentation, or you can extract the agent and CLI binaries from the tar.gz archives and copy them over the existing binaries.

Thank you for your support!

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