How to Handle or Merge "Odrive" and "Odrive(1)" Folders after New Installation of Odrive?

Hello @Odrive,

I had to manually reinstall Odrive when I was having disk error problem with my computer and seem in one way or the other found Odrive suspected.

Of course this is not my first time of having to be dealing with these folders but I seem to be getting tired of duplicate files and folders after manually reinstalling Odrive.

If I sync the “Amazon Cloud Drive folder” in the odrive(1) now, after some times I will be having many duplicate files and folders from folders Odrive and Odrive(1).

After manually reinstalling Odrive, is there a way to merge the files and folders in the “Odrive” and the “Odrive(1)” to avoid having duplicate files and folders.

Hi @awoobforknowledge,

Do you mean you will noow have the same files inside the old odrive folder (odrive) and the new odrive folder (odrive(1)), or are you seeing duplicate files in your Amazon Drive storage?

As long as you are logged-in with the same user and you have the same storage linked, with the same names, you can move your odrive folder from the new one to the old one.

To do that:

  1. Go to the oodrive tray menu and select “Move odrive(1) folder”

  2. Select the previous odrive folder:

odrive will then go through and determine what is already in sync and what needs to be uploaded.

You should see a lot of “INFO Successful Update. Local file is already in in sync. No need to transfer.” entries in the sync activity log. This indicates that odrive has determined that what you have locally already matches what you have on the remote.

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Hi @Tony,

Thanks a lot for the wonderful support.

I meant duplicate in the odrive and odrive(1) folders and not the remote Amazon Cloud Drive.

However, your advice to use the move odrive(1) solved my problem. This is what I didn’t know since which made to be having duplicate files and folders from time to time whenever I have to reinstall windows or reinstall odrive.

However, the recent problem I had with my computer giving me disk error, I realized that some many " .cloud" files had been deleted from my computer and I am very sure that I wasn’t the one who deleted them. In fact, Odrive is now seeing them as trashed files while I wasn’t the one who trashed them. And if I tell Odrive to restore all trashed items to save time, I will have to be restoring some items I don’t need.

Hi @awoobforknowledge,
odrive won’t delete any local items on its own unless they were deleted on the remote side (to bring them in sync). Since these files are in the odrive trash, that means they still exist on the remote storage. Something else must’ve deleted them on the local side.

Since you were having disk issues, it may be that was the cause, but I can’t say for sure.

The sync activity log history will indicate the first time odrive discovered that the files were deleted from the local system. The log entry will begin with:
“Discovered: Local delete of …”

odrive rediscovers local deletes everytime it is restarted, so you may see several instances of that type of log entry for the same file. You would want to find the first instance, which could be farther back in the log history.

You can find the previous logs in C:\Users\[your user name]\.odrive\log\

Yes, @Tony , the files are still in the remote storage but have been deleted from my local drive which I only become aware of after the disk error problem.

In fact, after the disk error problem, odrive files, including Odrive itslef couldn’t open on my system again. That was why I had to reinstall odrive.

I will go and check the log history now.

Thanks a lot.

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Hi @Tony ,

I looked into the error.log file inside log folder of the odrive folder, I saw many error messages like the one below:

04 Nov 09:07:43AM ERROR Error encountered when attempting to process local delete of C:/Users/username/odrive/Amazon Cloud Drive/ Error: code FS101 - fn: get_attributes_tuple, args: (O2Path(‘C:/Users/username/odrive/Amazon Cloud Drive/’),) [] caused by WindowsError([Error 1392] The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable: u’\\?\C:\Users\username\odrive\Amazon Cloud Drive\’)

Hi @awoobforknowledge,
This error is from when we do a double-check on a missing file or folder. When odrive sees that a file or folder is no longer where it used to be, it first performs an extra explicit check of the filesystem for that specific path to see if there is any possibility that file/folder may actually still exist.

In this case, when trying to see if the file exists, Windows responded back with “The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable”. When that happens odrive ends up waiting and then checking again (it doesn’t process the delete).

Due to the disk issues you were having, you may see this error for many files, and probably many errors for the same file as odrive continued to retry its check.

When you replaced your faulty disk, I assume you cloned or copied the data over from the bad disk to the new, good disk. In that process there were likely files that could not be read and were not copied over. Given this, it is probably going to be best to recover everything in the odrive trash, to ensure that you do not sync any deletes that were a result of the disk corruption.

This will result in you recovering items that you actually wanted to delete, which is definitely an inconvenience, but better than losing data you still want.

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