How to get rid of the pesky txt files and notifications?

I’m pretty new to ODrive, so I apologise this is an obvious, easy fix.

On my computer in my ODrive, there are two txt files:

I’ve deleted them, moved them, and they keep reappearing and they’re in between folders and just a bit irritating. How do I get rid of them for good?

Also, I keep getting desktop notifications like ‘10 new deletes in trash’ - I’ve looked around and can’t find where to shut this notification off. Any advice? Thank you!

Hi @donna,
The .txt files are used for advanced odrive configuration settings, so they cannot be removed. One of the advanced configuration settings is actually for the trash notifications. :wink:

It is possible to mark them as “hidden” so that they don’t normally show up in the listing. Let me know if you would like more information on this, and also if you are using MacOS or Windows.

You can read more about disabling trash notifications here: Trash notifications

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