How to downgrade from trial to free version?

Is it funny not finding any help how to downgrade after 7 days? I really liked the test week everything went well so far, but I don’t need the pro features.

Hi @Reinard,
Once the trial expires you are downgraded to free automatically. You don’t have to take any action.

For a detailed listing of the differences between free and Premium, take a look here:

Thanks, that’s what I expected. But after the 7 days the app does not start anymore correctly. It only flashes 2 times red then stays black. No further action then.

Hi @Reinard,
The dark color just means odrive is idle. It is expected if there isn’t anything to sync. What actions are you expecting odrive to take? Are there files you have added that are not syncing?

Can you send a diagnostic (at the bottom of the odrive menu)?

There is a lot to sync. But it stopped exactly after 7 days. Even the menu items in den Context Menu are gone. I just sent the diagram report.

Hi @Reinard,
I don’t see anything obviously wrong from the diagnostic.

Can you take a screenshot of Finder where you have files that are not syncing?
Do you see any right-click options when you right-click on a folder in the default odrive folder? (see below image)

Keep in mind that if you have “sync to odrive” folders (folders outside of the default odrive folder) that you were syncing, those will no longer work as it is a Premium feature.

Ok., I understood now. If the source folder is an external drive I have to order the Pro version, right?

Hi @Reinard,
That is correct. Take a look at my previous post for more details. Syncing external folders is a feature called “sync to odrive”.