How to double-check file successfully uploaded?

Windows 8.1
odrive prod 6989
Amazon Drive

For a few days I have been syncing a new 46.2 GB file to Amazon Drive. Last night when I left my computer, it was at something like 96% complete; this morning I found it at 16% complete. The sync activity log’s latest message about this file is from last night an hour or so after I left the computer:

11 Jun 11:11:49PM ERROR Failed Upload File for File: E:/odrive/Amazon Cloud Drive/PlayStation Backups/PS Vita/SYSTEM/01d357d732143b4b/202106081527-01/202106081527-01.psvimg - Size: 49638811264 Bytes - Date: 2021-06-08 21:35:47 - Error: code CD_INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR caused by CloudDriveRateLimitingException(code CD_INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR - <html>

<head><title>504 Gateway Time-out</title></head>


<center><h1>504 Gateway Time-out</h1></center>



 - )

I assumed this meant that the file upload had been interrupted at the end and thus had been restarted, and I had another few days of syncing ahead of me. But then a couple hours later, I had a power interruption and my computer restarted. After this, odrive reports the file as synced, and taking a look both in the odrive and Amazon Drive web UIs show the file as present and 46.2 GB. However, I don’t see a more-precise file size listed and a 99.9%-complete file could still be 46.2 GB.

I’m hoping that maybe this means that the 504 was actually after the file did fully and successfully sync and was just an error in reporting the status - so odrive’s second attempt to upload the file was unnecessary and whatever checking it did after my computer restarted revealed that the file actually was synced. But that’s just a guess, and given the size of this file and how long it takes to sync, I was hoping there was a quick and easy way to confirm without having to re-download the file and compare.

So I guess my questions are:

  1. Is my explanation plausible - does it make sense that the file could have uploaded successfully despite the 504, and this was unclear at the time but odrive figured it out after the computer restarted?
  2. Is there a good way I can confirm that the files match? An md5 checksum or similar on the remote file, or at least a precise byte count? Does odrive do this itself on startup?


Hi @dan.urman,
Amazon Drive is kinda notorious for this behavior for large files. Basically they don’t respond after we send the entire file, but end up processing it, eventually.

It sounds like that may have happened here. An easy way to check it can be to move the local file to a directory outside of odrive, wait for odrive to detect it as a delete, and then restore it from the odrive trash. The placeholder that is created during the restore will show the size that Amazon is reporting it at. Right-click on the placeholder and look at the size property and compare to the physical file that you moved.

Thanks, Tony! I did as you suggested and the byte counts matched exactly, so I took that as strong enough proof that the upload finished successfully.

Appreciate the quick response and helpful suggestion.

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