How to Clear "Not Allowed" deleted files

I am seeing 2 files listed in the “Not Allowed” menu on my Mac. The reason given is that each one, “no longer exists, is in the trash, or has a broken shortcut”.

Both entries are folders. Both entries have been deleted.

How do I clear these entries from this menu?

Hi @Dan2,
These are items that were deleted on the remote side? Can you try restarting odrive to see if that clears the list?

I have restarted multiple times in the following ways before posting here:

  1. Stop Automatic Sync wait 10 minutes, Start Automatic Sync
  2. Quit oDrive. Make sure it’s really quit in Activity Monitor, manually restart
  3. Reboot the computer (oDrive is a startup item)
  4. Quit oDrive. Restart computer

No Joy.

Hi @Dan2,
Thanks for the swift reply. Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu and let me know when it has been sent?

The not allowed list is always dynamically populated, so it will only show things that odrive has actually “seen” during that process instance. This means odrive is still “seeing” these files somewhere. The diagnostic may provide some additional insight into what is happening here and if its a bug or something else.

Hi Tony,

I have just submitted a report. Taken moments after the first Not Allowed appeared after a restart of oDrive.

Also attaching it here.

current_odrive_status.txt (5.2 KB)

Hi @Dan2,
From the report, odrive is creating placeholders for the following files, but they are shortcuts and odrive is unable to resolve them (get to the place they are pointing to), so it also generates a “not allowed” error:
Google Drive/MySalesButler/Sales/Customers/CB Distinctive/Listings
Google Drive/MySalesButler/Sales/Leads/Hayden Data/Hayden Data Website

You should also see these files listed locally at:
/Users/dan/odrive/Google Drive/MySalesButler/Sales/Customers/CB Distinctive/Listings
/Users/dan/odrive/Google Drive/MySalesButler/Sales/Leads/Hayden Data/Hayden Data Website

They are “inoperative” however, which is why they are showing up in not-allowed.

You should also be able to see these items from the Google Drive web client ( and the odrive web client ( Do you see them there?