How to choose accounts to sync for device?

Is there a way to choose which accounts to sync from in the Windows desktop client?

I have two Google Drive accounts logged in with Odrive, and two devices using my Odrive account.
One device is my desktop computer, which is personal. From this one I would like to sync from the two Google Drive accounts (aka all accounts I have signed in with Odrive).
The other device is my laptop computer, which is for work. From this one I would like to sync only one of the two Google Drive accounts.

Would that be possible to do?

Can you tell me what the goal is here? Are you wanting to do this to prevent unnecessary sync to save overhead and storage, or is it some sort of security concern on the work laptop?

If it’s the former, you can just make sure you leave the Google account you don’t want to sync as a placeholder file (.cloudf).

If it’s the latter, we are considering a feature that can lock areas on a particular system:

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I am wanting to do that for both reasons: security and save overhead storage as well as bandwidth.

I just realized the folder stays as a placeholder if you do not enter it.

Didn’t know about that feature suggestion. Since with, at least, Windows you can hide folders I’ll try and do that (which could be used as a workaround for this upcoming feature).

Thanks for your reply, I finally understood how Odrive works!

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