How to automatically rejoin split files in the cloud?

Q:How to automatically rejoin split files in the cloud?

I have unknown amount of split home video files in my Amazon Drive now because of IFS. I didn’t know that IFS made all these videos unplayable in the cloud and sharing with family, since it’s cut up in little pieces in the cloud. I know you have to copy the local file to someplace safe, unsync the file in odrive, copy over the local file again to get it to resync and upload. If you have terabytes of data, this can be time consuming and tedious, especially when you don’t know which files have been split!!

Possible solution
#1 - Can someone help me identify what files are split in the amazon cloud in odrive?
#2 - Can someone at odrive propose a command line script that will take a list of files split by IFS and perform the copy, unsync, resync to get the upload in one file?

This will save hours of time. I’m sure if others who loaded big videos with IFS are super “PISS” and this will be a good way to revert back the way things were intended to. Also, please add a warning when using IFS!!! This should only be use for those with slow, unreliable connections and don’t really care about sharing a broken up file at all (no pictures/video, etc).


Hi @thetse,
Thanks for reaching out.

  1. You can find all of the files that have been split with IFS by searching for “.xlarge” on Amazon Drive:

  2. This is trickier. odrive seamlessly integrates the xlarge files, so they cannot be differentiated via Explorer/Finder. You would need to pull the list from Amazon Drive then script against that file list. You would also need to find the path to the files since the search results in the Amazon Drive browser don’t show that.
    Off the top of my head, I can imagine the script working something like this:

  • For each file in the list search for its location, locally
  • Sync the file if it is not locally cached
  • Make a copy of the file, with a new name
  • Wait for the new copy of the file to upload (with IFS off), then delete the old (split) version.

Keep in mind:

  • You may have problems uploading the non-split files, assuming you enabled IFS because you were having upload issues.
  • Amazon Drive will not stream videos larger than 2GB or longer than 20 minutes, so you will not gain anything by uploading a non-split copy of a video that falls into that category. If you chose 2GB as your IFS split, then you won’t need to make any copies, since all split files will be over the streaming threshold.
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