How long to wait for client auto update?

I see there is a 6306 release since 8-2-2017, it’s now 8-13-2017 but I’ve been stuck at 6302 and it eats up my OSX CPU constantly over 100% hoping the upgrade is the fix. Is there a way for me to initiate the upgrade and not have to wait so long?

Hi @p_ingram3541,
Generally autoupdates are received within a few hours of pushing them out.

The most recent version wasn’t actually pushed to the auto-updater because the nature of the changes:

Update signing certificate on Mac installers - Only affects new installs
Update Facebook integration to use a more recent Graph API version endpoint - Is just some proactive housekeeping, but doesn’t actually make a difference, at the moment.

We planned on waiting until another update before pushing to the autoupdater.

Apologies for the confusion.

Hi, I do I get notified when there is an upgrade available or the app autoupdates?

Thank you for your help


Hi @irwmain,
Take a look here for info on keeping up with any announcements or new releases. How can I be notified of product changes, updates, and announcements?

Auto updates are generally pushed out a few days after release. The release notes for today’s release will be added soon.

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