How does syncing with odrive work? (Where is the data?)

Question- I have Odrive syncing all my files from Google to Odrive however I have started just saving documents straight to the odrive files i.e., Personal documents I save to Odrive-GoogleDrive Personal or Odrive-GoogleDrive Work. Considering nobody at my work has Odrive, they all sync to the google drive, I still need the to appear in the google drive. Will they sync back from Odrive to Google the same way they sync from Google to Odrive or should I be saving everything in the google drive and then running the Odrive sync?

Hi @christyrfoster,
odrive doesn’t store any of your data. odrive gives you the ability to access and manage of all of your data from one place. This means any files you are syncing using odrive are still in Google and stay there the whole time. Does that make sense?

I have an additional question: When downloading files via the web client, they’re coming from while I at first would assume it’s directly forwarding me to the corresponding link at Dropbox, Onedrive and so on.

How does this work? Is Odrive only redirecting and am I actually downloading it directly from the cloud? Or are files or chunk of files temporary piped through Odrive’s servers for this?

Hi @bastigruenwald,
Via the web client, depending on the integration type and the user interaction to it, data may be passed through an odrive proxy as opposed to directly from the source. In this case the raw data is being streamed (over end-to-end TLS encrypted transport) from the source to the requesting client/user via the odrive proxy.

This is why you will see downloads coming from During this process none of the user data is retained or even cached, beyond the small stream buffer during the real-time streaming.

Thanks a lot!

(Just started using odrive several hours ago and am already impressed by the support, very clear explanations!)

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