How does odrive list files in the remote storage?

I may have written the topic as awkwardly as possible…here is my question. I forgot I had my Amazon Drive synced using oodrive. I use AD mostly to backup my photos on my local hard drive. Recently, Amazon developed an improved software app that was supposed to sync as well as upload. Now, being curious about this I downloaded and ran said app. It was designated to run my separate local copy of my pics (not the ones in the oodrive folder). I started to notice that the file folders on my drive were “empty” in some cases. Same situation on the file folders on AD. However, when I searched for my photos using specific criteria (date/location/people,etc) on AD the photos still seem to be available but no longer in the specified file folders locally or in some cases (not all) Amazon Drive itself. I then remembered about odrive. So, I uninstalled AD so there would no longer be a conflict. OOdrive does seem to show the pics being in the correct file folders albeit in “placeholder” format. In some cases since it did a resync it may even indicate a second (third?) copy of a placeheld image. I guess I’m wondering if oodrive will “reconcile” my photos into their proper folders…or did I lose some of them? Can I get them back to my local non-synced file folders? If it is “placeheld” is it still really there? How can I verify this? Any advice or feedback concerning this would be appreciated. Thanks! Bob.

Hi @rbgaston,
odrive will show what Amazon Drive tells us is there. If you are seeing placeholders that means that Amazon is telling us that the files are in those locations in the cloud. You should be able to bring them down if you double-click or right-click->sync them.

odrive doesn’t keep a separate list or view of the files. It just “calls it like it sees it”. If you see it in odrive you should see it in the same location in the Amazon Drive web client too (and on the odrive web client).

Maybe you can provide some specific examples with screenshots, so we can drill into this more?