How does odrive decide which files have changed?

How does odrive decide which files have changed and need syncing? Does it use file modification date, or some other method (such as hashing the contents or checksum)?

I am syncing external folders, then unsyncing them after they have uploaded. I will then periodically sync a folder again, which may contain hundreds of GB and thousands of files. So far this appears to be pretty fast with odrive, with little disk, cpu, or internet overhead. The Amazon Drive app takes a very long time - watching disk activity it appears to completely read every local file to decide if the local is different than the cloud version.

(I could not find this answered already here or in the documentation - sorry if I missed it)

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Hi @Mark_H,

For local files, odrive will look at the modified time and the size of the file to quickly determine if a change has been made. odrive can also get events from the OS for changes, but these typically do not work if the change is on an external/network volume.

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Thank you, @Tony, that explains the speed of odrive when I reconnect an external drive and sync external folders vs other implementations.