How do you link 2 google drives?

I have a personal and a business google drive.
How do I link both? When I try to add the second one (business) it won’t ask my google creds. It goes directly to the personal account, which is already mapped.

I sign in to odrive with my personal Google account.

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Try logging out of your google accounts completely (go to google’s own webapp) after signing into odrive’s web app. Then try adding a new google link.

Hi Tony,

I have the same problem like Claudio.

What do you mean with ‘google’s own webapp’? Can you send a link?
‘Signing into odrive’s web app’ … when I sign in with my previous registered login details, I would have the same problem again, wouldn’t I? It shows me only the already added google drive (private). I cannot choose the google drive from my business account.
If I sign in to odrive with the business google drive account would I have then two odrives on my computer?

Sorry for asking, but it is a bit confusing.

Thank you.

Hi @billigrabher,

To clarify, you don’t need to signup multiple accounts with odrive. Single odrive account is sufficient to link multiple accounts of same storage as well as to link multiple storages. Also single odrive account can be used in multiple machines to login and sync your data.

You should be able to link multiple Google Drive accounts in odrive.

  1. Link your first Google Drive account using odrive.
  1. Be sure to log out of the Google Drive account in your web browser (so open a browser tab to and sign out of your user).
  2. Go back to and try to link your second Google Drive account in odrive now.

Repeat steps 2-3 as necessary for each Google Drive account you want to link. Let us know if this doesn’t work!

As side note: ‘google’s own webapp’ means google web interface (e.g. or

Please learn more about odrive here:


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Hi Asif,

Thank you very much for your reply and detailed description.

I followed your description and was able to add my business account and a third account, all worked well.

Thanks again.

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Glad to know, things are sorted out =) Let us know if there is something else we can help you with.