How do I sync files to my cloud storage?

I’m not sure if I misunderstand how Odrive is supposed to sync with Amazon Cloud drive.

I have already manually uploaded all of my documents, pictures, movies, etc. on my hard drive to Amazon Cloud drive.

When I got Odrive working, it shows all of my folders / documents in the Windows Explorer view that I had already uploaded to Amazon Cloud Drive.

When I create new files on my computer that I have not manually uploaded to Amazon Cloud drive, I thought Odrive would detect the new files on my hard drive and automatically upload them to Amazon Cloud drive. It’s not doing this.

Is this supposed to happen?

When you first setup odrive you are given an “odrive” folder in your home directory. Inside that “odrive” folder you will see placeholders representing all of the storage you have linked. You can link as many storage accounts as you want and have them show up in this “odrive” folder.

You can download any files listed in your odrive folder. Any files/folders that you copy or move into your odrive folder will upload to your cloud storage, automatically.

Take a look at our documentation here for an in-depth walkthrough of the odrive folder:

This is all part of the standard, free odrive features.

There is another feature that is more advanced that lets you sync other, existing folders to a location in odrive. Using this feature you create a sync relationship between a local folder and a remote location in your odrive. These are folders that are not inside the “odrive” folder.

For example, if you want to have odrive sync the contents of your “Documents” folder, you can setup a “sync to odrive” relationship between your local “Documents” folder and a location in your remote storage. Any new items you place in your Documents folder, or any existing files that you change will be synced automatically.

You can read more about this here:

Thanks. So what I did is synced to odrive my “documents” folder to Amazon Cloud Drive.

What happened is that it synced all of the files into a new folder inside the already existing documents folder, and uploaded the files there.

So now I have all the files in the Amazon Cloud Drive twice. They already exist in the Documents folder, and within the pre-existing documents folder there’s the new “documents” folder where the same old files were copied, along with the few new files.

I suspect this is not how it was supposed to work.

I thought it would just upload the new files that hadn’t been uploaded yet.

How do I fix this?

Hi @suginami,
Apologies for the confusion here. We just recently rolled out enhancements for this feature and it looks like we made the folder detection case sensitive.

The reason you saw the results you did is because it sounds like you had a local folder with a lowercase “d” in the name and pointed to a remote folder with an uppercase “D”. The comparison is too explicit, so we created a new “documents” folder inside the “Documents” folder. I have submitted this for correction.

What you can do to correct is:
right-click->“remove sync” on the local “documents” folder.
Then rename that for to match the case of the remote folder “Documents” (so change the “d” to a “D”).
Then right-click->“sync to odrive” on that folder and select the corresponding remote “Documents” folder.

This should give you the behavior you were originally looking for. You will still have the “documents” folder inside “Documents” with the duplicate data. You can get rid of that, if you like.

Please let me know if you have any questions on the above.