How do I stop the constant 'deletes in trash' alerts?

I am CONSTANTLY getting alerts that there are items in my trash that are going to get deleted. Whenever I check my trash, it seems to be filled with thousands of random files which I can’t locate in my backup folders (eg: Sure I have a lot backed up, but this can’t be right? The most annoying thing is the constant alerts. It would be good to properly rectify this issue, but at the very least, how can I disable the alerts?

Many of these look like cache files (browser cache). Do you have any applications or application data within the odrive sync scope. This could possibly happen if you’ve performed a “sync to odrive” on your user home folder, or something similar. It could also happen if you are running applications out of the odrive folder.

As for disabling the notifications, there isn’t a built-in way to do this other than enabling auto-trash and setting to “immediately”.

You can check out this post for some potential workarounds. In Windows case the notifications will be re-enabled on restart, unfortunately: