How do I stop Odrive from unsyncing files?

I have posted here before and came to the conclusion that I had made an error and caused my files to stop syncing.

After a month of allowing odrive to sync my files I am still having issues with odrive removing files. My time to get all of these files is limited and I NEED all of my files on my drive at once to create a backup.

The only solution I have been able to attempt is going all the way down to each individual file and telling each one to sync.

Today when I went to the files to check on everything, the exact same files that I individually synced have once again de-synced!!!

WTF? Sorry, but what the heck? I REALLY need to back up all of my content before Amazon removes unlimited storage…


And yes, I have everything set to never auto un-sync, unlimited bandwidth both ways, never split files, and Always download.

Hi @wraparizona,
If you have auto-unsync turned off then the files should not be converting to placeholders after they have been synced. The only thing that would cause this is if Amazon Drive returned a folder listing without those files, and then, later, returned a folder listing with those files again. I have actually seen this happen with Amazon, although it seems to be a rare occurrence.

Are you finding this is happening with specific files, or is there no pattern at all? If you can identify this happening again can you send a diagnostic with the path of the files it happened to? I can take a look and see if I can figure out why odrive would do it.