How do I set up shared storage for my team using odrive?

Sharing storage or using odrive to collaborate with your team is really easy. Once you setup a shared storage environment, everybody can work out of it and you can keep all your important documents centralized and safe from lose. Sharing your own storage is also free with odrive, where other service venders will charge. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Have existing storage
  • odrive doesn’t store your stuff so you need a cloud storage provider account to get started. That storage must be able to link to odrive.

NOTE: Infrastructure storage (e.g. Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Drive) will probably work best for shared team storage since consumer storage is subject to rate limits and other constraints. Also, make sure you do not violate the terms of service for the provider that you choose–it is your responsibility to ensure you are using both odrive and the underlying storage according to the agreements you have in place).

  1. Create an odrive account
  1. Link your storage
  • From “My odrive” page, link any storage you wish to share.
  1. Share your storage with your team
  • Find the “Spaces” tab from “My odrive” in the web.
  • Click “Share Storage”. Select or create the target folder for your teams storage.
  • Add emails of users you’d like to invite and send the invites.
  1. Download odrive desktop
  • Download from the Usage Guide
  1. Team members accept their invites
  • Might need to create odrive accounts if they haven’t already.

Happy Sharing!

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