How do I resync files on new PC without redownloading all 10TB

Hi Guys,

Love Odrive but have an important question.

Currently, my Windows 10 PC is set up to sync all 10TB of my video and music to Amazon Drive, the originals of which are stored on a few external hard drives connected to said PC.

Unfortunately, said PC desperately needs an OS refresh, once Windows is reinstalled, how do I get the odrive to resync with my PC without redownloading all the data, i.e. pointing it back to the original files since nothing there will have changed?.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Chris,
On the new install you should be able to install odrive and “sync to odrive” the local locations to the same locations on the remote. odrive will see that the “new” files picked up in the local folders already exist remotely and consider them in sync. Basically, as long as you set up your “sync to odrive” folders the same way, you should avoid any resyncing.

Great, thanks for that, I’ll try it in a few weeks and come back here with any problems!

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