How do I mirror a local folder to my remote storage?

Investigating how I might use oDrive and premium product. Let’s say I have a folder in ACD. It has sub-folders and files. I have the same folder on my desktop but it has newer folders/files or I’ve deleted folders/files from the local system that are still in ACD.

What is the best way for me to sync this one folder up to ACD so what ACD has mirrors what is on my local system? I don’t want the current ACD folders/files to be mirrored locally since it is out of date. Once it is current though, then I might consider enabling a two-way sync.

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Hi @amazon4,
If you were to use “sync to odrive” on the local folder, and point it to the remote folder, where the two structures overlap, odrive should upload the newer files to Amazon. It will essentially be a merge, which means the files you do not have locally (have deleted) but have on the remote will remain there and will not be deleted on the remote side.

Does that make sense?

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