How do I manage Multiple Cloud Accounts on odrive

I’ve just heard about odrive via a colleague. He told me that it is a program that allows you to manage all your cloud accounts under one “roof” as it were.
But I’m confused.
I guess from what he described I was expecting one login would enable you to see all your accounts, (eg Sign in via Microsoft and see One Drive and Google Drive) but as far as I can see you have to log in to each one via odrive individually (Google, OneDrive etc), which then enables you only to see that particular account.
So if that is the case I fail to see the benefit as far as syncing is concerned.
Is this the case or am I being dumb, missing something or doing something wrong?

After you sign up, you have to link your storage accounts. This requires you to log into individual accounts. Afterwards, when you sign into odrive, you’ll see all your accounts under “one roof”. And when you download odrive to your computer, you’ll see all your files across accounts inside your odrive folder.

Does that clarify things?

Hi @cryoman196,
To clarify further:
When you sign-up for odrive you pick a “authenticating account”. This is essentially the first account you link to odrive, but it will also act as the authenticating account for when you want to log into odrive at any point in the future. So, if you chose Google as the account used when you signed up, Google Drive would be linked as part of the sign-up process and you would use your Google account to log into odrive from that point forward.

When you want to add additional accounts to odrive (OneDrive or Dropbox, for example), you will sign into odrive (again using the original account you used to sign up), then click on “Link Storage” from your account home page on the odrive webclient:

From there you choose the storage you want to add into your odrive account.

First off,a big thankyou to both of you for taking the time to assist, I really appreciate it.
Both of you clarified the situation perfectly. I did not see the Link topic in any of the User Guides, but then when there is so much to absorb you tend to speed read a lot of it and miss important stuff as a result,
All seems much clearer now so thanks again.